Quantum Physics Protect Your Thoughts

Quantum Physics Thoughts

The best admonish a Airy Quantum Physicist can accord to a Scientific Quantum Physicists is to stop measuring.

Stop cerebration that you can acquisition all the answers by cerebration or measuring.

A added able and airy convenance is to apprentice how to "perceive."

By acquirements how to apperceive with out words or thoughts you will be able to see acutely the activity agreement afore you. Acumen allows you to see accomplished the concrete absoluteness of an article to it's absolute reality, it's activity configuration.

The Laws of Airy Quantum Physics acquaint us that all concrete absoluteness is no added than a bump of one's close reality.

There would be no concrete absoluteness if there were no alone souls to acquaintance it.

We are all alone souls who accept blinked out of the Mind of God, who can be alleged the absolute soul.

We blink out to acquaintance life. The Concrete absoluteness we see is our brainy projection. We are actively seeing, as a concrete objects, what we are bulging from our close selves, outwardly.

My concrete absoluteness all about me is my claimed projection. I charge not anticipate about it. I charge to apprentice how to apperceive it; to acquaintance it after words.

Ask one of the age-old seers, "How do I accession my akin of alertness and become added God-like?'

They would acquaint you, "Be still and apperceive that you are God."

Do not anticipate about getting God. Do not let the thousand questions about you and God arise. Just shut up. Stop cerebration and be still in the NOW.

How can you admeasurement a thought?

Once a scientist hooks up a thought, an abstraction or any concrete article to a apparatus it is no best that anticipation or that concrete object.

It is now becomes the Scientists anticipation about the anticipation or the concrete object. It has changed.

If you just apperceive (Becoming wordlessly aware) of the anticipation and just attending at it or a concrete object, you will see the activity agreement of the anticipation and the concrete object.

Once you acquiesce addition physique (smallest quanta) to anticipate about you or your thoughts; they are no best your thoughts.

They accept been mutated in the transition.

Your thoughts are your alone blast curve amid you, the Mind of Gd, the arena acreage (matrix) of the busy apple and that activity cast alleged your physical, affecting and brainy body.

Your alone thoughts actualize activity acquaintance for you to advice you with your advance into college consciousness. They will allure people, places and contest into your life.

Once anyone abroad (doctor, lawyer, preacher, teacher, scientist) interfaces with your thoughts your activity will change.

Time to stop absolution added humans affect your lives.

They now apperceive that doctors affect abnormally the claret burden of abounding of their earlier patients just by accepting them in the appointment and talking to them.

The Age of Pisces was the Age of the average man. It is gone. Let us stop allurement the average man what to do.

The Age of Aquarius is the Age of, "I Know!"

If doctors wish to seek for new diseases let them. But don't allocution to them about it. Let them accumulate it in their own reality. Don't let them barf dis-ease it into your consciousness.

If a scientist wants to attending for a new atramentous hole, let him. But don't go to his chic and accept to him. You don't charge a 'black hole" in your consciousness.

Let these actual able ascendancy abstracts who adhere to the Age of Pisces actualize what they want. Let their creations abort them not you.

Let us avoid them and seek the answers to our own questions aural ourselves by practicing the art of perception.