The Connection Point Between the Physical and the Non-Physical Consciousness

The alliance point amid altered states of consciousness; i.e. alive and sleeping is a acceptable time to apprehension this experience.

As your apperception and physique alpha to achieve down to rest. You become acquainted of the added attenuate attributes of the body, apperception and aura. For me this acquaintance is one of aboriginal scanning my physique and my animosity and acceptable acquainted of my added connection.

If I become acquainted of any ache in the body, I yield my absorption into that arena and carefully breathe, adequate the concrete physique and allowance the apperception of any associated thoughts.

As you abide with this process, you may become acquainted of a third akin of awareness; a acreage of activity that both surrounds and permeates the apperception and the body. I say field, as it is a affectionate of electromagnetic acreage of energy, agnate to magnetism.

This acreage of activity is the aura, the activity acreage of the body, it has alertness too and you may apprehension your acquaintance casual from the concrete physique to the non-physical ambience as you achieve down to sleep.

Sometimes I acquaintance this like clouds of white ablaze abrasion over the physique and casual through the body. As you yield your acquaintance from your concrete physique and footfall over and become acquainted on your animosity as getting aural the clouds of white brume of the aura. You apprehension a absolution of your acquaintance an amplification and adopting hardly of ones vibration.

The animal physique is such a admirable affair as we can acquaintance it on abounding levels and see the access into may altered aspects or ambit of its nature.

As we become acquainted of this non-physical affiliation to our college Self we may aswell become acquainted of its nature. We could allure in our guides and angels to appear about us. We could yield a few account just affectionate the plan they do for us.

We could alpha to ask them for advice or plan what we would like to do or acquaintance tomorrow. This is a bewitched time, as we alpha to alluvion off into sleep, and if you attestant your sleep, you may even accept the acquaintance of your airy acquaintance traveling out of physique and astral travelling through the Universe.

This is all afar of your college Self, the clouds of white ablaze that you feel, is your airy affiliation into the non-physical world. This non-physical, although it is not localised like your body, is still as abundant afar of who you are as the concrete attributes of your body, in actuality I would say is added your accurate nature.

So next time you are traveling to sleep, just in an innocent way, break a little added acquainted of your animosity and adventures and carefully adore getting acquainted of the abounding aspects of who and what you are.